Colin Firth Lands First Post-Oscar Role In Park-Chan Wook's STOKER

After weeks of rumour and speculation, it has finally been confirmed by The Daily Mail that newly crowned Academy Award-winner Colin Firth will star alongside Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska in Oldboy director Park-Chan Wook's first English-language flick, Stoker. Setup at Fox Searchlight and penned by Prison Break writer Wentworth Miller, Stoker is shaping up to be an unconventional take on the tried-and-tiresomely-tested vampire formula, as it would appear, there's actually no vampires actually in it. Miller has previously said of the project that it is;
"not a vampire story. It€™s not about vampires at least with the teeth and the desire to suck your blood; it is a thriller about an individual who preys on the innocent."
The movie is said to follow Wasikowska who is distraught after the death of her father and has the emergence of a strange uncle (Firth) in her life. Kidman is likely to play her mother. Firth's role, which could be his first deal having won an Oscar, will reportedly require him to stab one victim in the neck with a pair of scissors, and bludgeon another one to death using a tree branch. It looks to be quite a departure then for the quintessentially English actor, who has thus far rarely strayed from the shy and retiring nice guy roles that he is often typecast as. However, he has been quoted as saying that he wishes to "change the pace" of his career having accomplished the height of the profession, and it is a struggle to think of change of pace more drastic than going from the stammering head of the Monarchy to a blood-sucking night-dweller. The films title is a nod to Dracula author Bram Stoker, and it is set to be based upon the infamous horror icons mythology. A release date is unknown as of yet, although it is likely to go into production next year. Ridley Scott produces. A-list horror is sooooooooo ridiculously rare these days that this project is high on our radar. Especially with Park directing.
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