Columbia Secure That We See Kathryn Bigelow KILL BIN LADEN

In what I imagine will turn out to be the easiest domestic distribution deal she will ever obtain in her whole career, the Oscar winning Kathryn Bigleow has sold her Navy seals black-ops thriller previously titled Kill Bin Laden (re-jigged to heavily revolve around the 40 minute takedown, capture and killing of the Al Qaeda leader and a title that should stick) to Columbia Pictures who will release the film at the height of the 2012 awards season. Clearly Columbia & The Hurt Locker writing/directing team Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow believe their film can hope to catch the interest of the Academy but with the subject matter likely to hit America's patriotic juices and the rest of the world's intrigue in how the sensational events unfolded, this is a movie that is gonna be dynamite at the box office. THR have scoop on Columbia's acquisition and it's expected Bigleow will begin filming late summer. There's no mention however in their report of Joel Edgerton's involvement as one of the members of the Navy Seal Team 6 but it did sound pretty solid previously. Movie fan darling Megan Ellison is using her bottomless wealth of cash to finance.
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