Comic-Con 2016: 15 Biggest Reveals You Need To See

Deadpool and...Shakespeare!?

Deadpool Shakespeare Brie Larson Cyborg
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San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone for another year, and after Marvel Studios infamously sat out last year's show, it's safe to say that they came out in full force this time to make up for it.

And they weren't alone, either: reeling from the PR backlash of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. aggressively pushed the future of the DC Extended Universe to pleasantly surprising effect, all while the worlds of gaming, TV and comics had their own nifty surprises up their sleeves.

The sheer relentless landslide of awesome announcements made it without question one of the most exciting and enjoyable Cons in recent memory, and as ever, now it's all in the waiting to see whether these hyped-up adventures actually deliver on all their promise.

Here are the 15 biggest Comic-Con 2016 reveals you need to see...

15. Kurt Russell Is Ego In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Deadpool Shakespeare Brie Larson Cyborg

It's been long expected that Kurt Russell would be playing Star-Lord's father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Comic-Con gave concrete confirmation of this, as it was revealed that the legendary actor would be playing Ego the Living Planet, who has given himself a human form and fathered Peter Quill in a sharp divergence from the source material.

The brief footage of Russell from the movie went down a treat, with Drax asking Ego how he's able to father a child, to which Ego responds that he does indeed have a penis, and it's apparently a pretty good one.

Following the Jackson Pollock joke in the original movie, it looks like Guardians Vol. 2 will be further pushing the envelope with how far d*ck jokes in movies aimed at children can go.


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