Connelly & Bettany in claymation thriller?

bettany.jpgReal life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly will star together in the psychological thriller Born, which has a wacky but very cool sounding plot...
Daniel Simpson will direct the project, which revolves around a couple who settle down in a seemingly idyllic English town to raise a family. Their perfect life is shaken when the husband, a claymation artist, discovers his characters are acting out a nightmare that comes to life.
The stop motion characters will be handled by The Chiodo Brothers, who were responsible for some of the special effects in Team America, Elf and they of course directed that cult classic film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Awesome. Let's hope this is kept very serious and these claymation characters can look as creepy and horrifying as humanely possible. This will be Daniel Simpson's feature film debut, though he did direct a small 26 minute claymation short back in 1995 titled H, so I'm guessing he has probably had this idea for a film for quite some time. Simpson wrote the script alongside Clive Barker and Paul Kaye, with the former acting also as producer alongside Guillermo del Toro and others. source - variety

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