More images from Richard Kelly's THE BOX!

The whole Internet community seem to be fully behind Richard Kelly on his latest project. I think we all want the "mainstream" horror flick The Box to recreate some of the buzz and excitement that we all thrived on back in 2001 when the original and imaginative Donnie Darko burst onto our screens (our small screens that is, how many of us actually saw it in theatres?). After the shambolic time this guy had on Southland Tales and the mess that project turned into, we all want this enthusiastic director to succeed. I like this plot (in a nut shell - financially struggling couple get given a mysterious box which shoots out money every time the button is pushed but once that happens a stranger somewhere dies), I like his cast (Marsden, Diaz, Langella) and I like these photo's and I like what his intentions are...

"With The Box, I hope to make a more mainstream popcorn film...We don't feel like we are watering ourselves down," Kelly assures.
And I think we are all happy for Kelly to do that at this point. He's got a $30 million budget and a cool and socially relevant idea from a great original short story from Richard Matheson (he wrote I Am Legend) and hopefully the elements of '70s kitsch, teleporting and the 1976 Viking mission to Mars' will result in a box office winner...


source - /film, usa todayAre you looking forward to Richard Kelly's third feature film? For those who saw it, was Southland Tales really as bad as the reviews made it out to be? Do you think this guy has nothing to say, or are you a Donnie Darko fan who thinks this kid has an awful lot of promise?

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