Cool Stuff: Ghanaian Movie Posters

Last week we brought some truly beautiful and unique movie poster art from Poland. This week I have gathered together another selection, this time from Ghana, West Africa.

Back in the 80s, following the emergence of home video technology, wiley entrepreneurs loaded up their vehicles with €œmobile cinemas€ consisting of video players, televisions and portable generators and traveled from town to town showing the latest releases. Horror and action movies usually proved to be the popular choices. These travelling showmen hired local artists to create promotional materials to get the crowds in and they were given total creative freedom to paint the posters as they saw fit. Some of them didn€™t even watch the movies, resulting in these wholly unique interpretations.

Take a look...

Nightmare on Elm Street 5

Evil Dead 2

The Spy Who Loved Me

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Resident Evil

Terminator 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Transporter

Under Siege

Face Off

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