Cool Stuff: Mondo Posters for SXSW Screenings of PAUL & SOURCE CODE

With SXSW beginning next week in Austin, Texas - Mondo have come up with some exclusive posters for a few of the bigger films that will be screening there, the first batch of which /film have collated today... First up, here's a one-sheet for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's comedy Paul, created by Tom Whalen. It was revealed on Pegg's twitter account... If you wish to purchase the poster it's 18€ x 24€ edition of 225 copies and is priced at $35. The talented Olly Moss is the man responsible for the next two as Duncan Jones is Mondo's next subject in their Director's Series. The posters are of Moon and Source Code, his two films to date... Source Code & Moon are both 16€ x 24€ - though Moon has 250 copies, whilst Source Code has 200. Both will cost $35. The posters are likely to go on sale at their screenings at SXSW but follow @MondoNews for updates. They'll be a second batch of posters released next week.
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