Cool Stuff: Mondo's HELLBOY & BLADE II Posters For Guillermo Del Toro Director Series

I love the work of Mondo and their poster designs. They are so gloriously in love with the movies they are representing that their posters aren't created as something corporate or profit minded - they aren't floating head one-sheets designed to rip off the last popular film in it's genre - they are made purely for the joy of celebrating film. I own the Inglourious Basterds one-sheet, it hangs proudly on my office wall. It's a sight to be hold, always a conversation starter and I like that I'm one of only a select number of people to have one. I have number 408 of 450, according to mine. Now in the past, Mondo's work have focused mostly on their Rolling Roadshow or Fantastic Fest events or Star Wars, but it's just been announced that they are branching out with a brand new Director's Series, each time featuring a number of posters based on an individual filmmaker. Their first batch is Guillermo Del Toro, and they will have a poster for every one of his films, baring Mimic. There's only two of them to glimpse at right now but the most spectacular is the one for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, a poster by Ken Taylor that I just need to own. It isn't quite ready for purchase yet but if you keep an eye on the official site, I imagine they will be available to buy soon. Alamo CEO Tim League told EW;
We€™ve had a relationship with Guillermo for a while. He lived here after he made Cronos and became a fixture, if you will, at the theater. Justin Ishmael, the head of Mondo, pitched him on the idea. Guillermo decided to not just approve the series but also serve as the point for approving the actual design. He€™s said, €˜Yes, I like that,€™ or €˜No, that doesn€™t look too much like Ron Perlman,€™ or whatever.
Here's the second print dedicated to Blade II by Mike Sutfin which goes on sale today (Thursday). There's the yellow coloured design below which has a limited edition of 175 and will set you back $35, and then the red (further below) which is limited at 75 prints and will cost $50. They€™re both 24 x 36 in size. To follow are Cronos, The Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth and the first Hellboy movie. The next director to undergo this treatment has yet to be announced but you can guarantee it will be a guy with a geek or legendary filmography. Kubrick, Hitchcock, Spielberg... someone like that.

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