Cool Stuff: Mondo's SUCKER PUNCH Posters

As Zack Snyder's newly released in the U.S. (and hitting our screens next week) wet dream fantasy movie Sucker Punch is probably going to be the equilivant of cinematic marmite (our NY guy Mark Zhuravsky loved it... I still think it looks garbage) we are going to do something we don't do very often around here at OWF and that's publish multiple reviews of one film... no less than three in fact over the following week. Alongside Mark's review, OWF's Adam Rayner and Mike Edwards are seeing the movie tonight in London and will give their two cents shortly. But in the mean time, take a gander at this... Those cool cats at Mondo have announced that Zack Snyder is the latest filmmaker to be joining their 'Director's series' of limited edition, collectible art prints. EW have premiered Sucker Punch as the first entry with a new poster designed by Ken Taylor. They will go on sale at a random time today... There'll be 285 copies of the regular print available at $40... And just 105 of the variant at $70...
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