Cool Stuff: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Themed $2.5 Million Home Cinema

We previously featured Elite Home Theatre's awesome Batcave theatre as part our cool stuff feature and now OWF reader carlosjackal has suggested their latest ambitious effort to be featured. Right now the home theatre specialists are working on a $2.5 million Pirates of the Caribbean themed swashbuckling theatre in Palm Beach, Southern Florida as a custom build for a rich film obsessive and mysterious homeowner. Concept images have made their way online for the complex that when it's finished will include "a paved entrance way (complete with ticket booth), a Pirate tavern, and a theater that is situated on the deck of a Pirate Ship". It's almost like Blackbeard has had a cinema screen put in on the Queen Anne's Revenge. Rumours that the anonymous home owner is Johnny Depp himself so he can parade around as Jack Sparrow 24/7 have yet to be proved. See the images after the jump; Pirate Entrance Pirate Tavern East View (Overlooking Theater) Pirate Tavern West View Theater/Ship Deck Rear View Theater/Ship Deck Front View Incredible, right? Now I can see the attraction of watching the Pirates franchise in the theatre and obviously the Errol Flynn classics, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Treasure Island, etc. But wouldn't it be weird watching something non-piratey/blockbustery? Full press release HERE.
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