Cool Stuff: SPINAL TAP Mug

Another OWF New Year's Resolution I've had is to try and help my fellow film fans fill their homes and lives with as much film related tat/treasure as I have by trawling through what various retailers online are stocking. I've already suggested how to make your feet happier, and now, here's how to add enjoyment to your daily hot beverages...

An old saying says: "simple pleasures for simple minds". Another one says that I would probably buy anything associated with This Is Spinal Tap, and you can't really argue with either of the sayings, to be honest. Christopher Guest's rocku-mockumentary changed the face of cinematic comedy forever, and blew away not only the self-important pomposity of certain rock royalty, but near enough every parody that had come before it.

Now, you can celebrate the majesty of that masterpiece while you sip your morning tea. Or rocktastic mix of Night Nurse and whiskey, depending on how your night went, thanks to this simple, but beautiful mug...

You can buy the wonderful mugs from for a measly £8.99.

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