Cool Stuff: Tim Doyle's THE WIRE Art Poster

If you haven€™t seen every single episode of The Wire you should make this a priority. With the Summer fast approaching, you are duty bound to devote a week of your holidays to watching the entire box set, which you must beg/borrow/steal from whatever source maybe most expedient, to atone for the sin of having denied yourself HBO's Baltimore crime opus. In short, The Wire represents the absolute zenith of television€™s capabilities, an intricate defiant dance against the medium€™s ongoing characterisation as an €œidiot-box.€ For those that have seen it, first of all, congratulations, you are now well within your rights to treat yourself to the sort of memorabilia that would be worthy of mockery when applied to lesser source material. The problem is, however, anything worthwhile in this respect is invariably seized upon with great fervour- such is its paucity- it quickly becomes unattainable and the following set of prints from artist Tim Doyle entitled All The Pieces Matter is a case in point: The prints were offered at Nakatomi Inc free with every poster purchased from their site and were all snapped up as soon as word got out. Suitably handsome and retro, their cult appeal was obvious and it is a shame there were relatively few. However, if you like the look of them, it maybe worth dropping an email to the site to express your admiration, and maybe Mr Doyle will be inclined to do something with a similar theme soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of worthwhile prints and posters worth checking out. via - live for films
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