Cool Stuff: "What If" Director Artwork Shows Orson Welles' DON QUIXOTE & More...

We've already seen Warren Ellis challenge his readers to create Iron Man posters as if Stanley Kubrick had directed the Marvel superhero - but what of a film Kubrick had always wanted to make but despite years of toiling away, never managed to muster the financing to get his epic in front of camera's? Kubrick aficionados will be familiar with the unrealized production story of Napoloen, a large scale biography of the French military leader that never came to be and to celebrate (and in a way mourn) the passion of these legendary filmmakers, talented artist Fernando Reza has created four original posters remembering the best of what never was. Think of it as a "What If" series? Titled 'The Ones That Got Away" these unique posters of Kubrick's Napoloen, Orson Welles' Don Quixote, Alfred Hitchcock's Kaleidoscope and David Lean's Nostromo are an unexpected delight. See the posters with a quote from Reza on each title below; The posters are sized 11 x 17 and will enjoy a limited run of 50. They will set you back $25 individually or $80 to purchase them all.
Stanley Kubrick spent years studying dirt samples of old battle sites, reading old almanacs to ensure the weather in certain scenes would be historically accurate. A few weeks before principal photography another Napoleon centric film €œWaterloo€ bombed at the box office and the studio scrapped the production.
"Ones That Got Away" NAPOLEON 11 by 17 S&N Limited Edition of only 50 $25.00 (BUY IT HERE)
Orson Welles worked on Don Quixote from the mid 50€s until his death in 1985. He financed the film completely by himself with money from voice over work and appearances.
"Ones That Got Away" DON QUIXOTE 11 by 17 S&N Limited Edition of only 50 $25.00 (BUY IT HERE)
David Lean had plans to adapt Joseph Conrad€™s novel Nostromo when he first started directing. The director passed away in the early 90€s while the film was in pre-production.
"Ones That Got Away" NOSTROMO 11 by 17 S&N Limited Edition of only 50 $25.00 (BUY IT HERE)
By all accounts, this was to be Hitchcock€™s darkest film. A story told completely through the eyes of a serial killer. Hithcock paid out of pocket to shoot some scenes in New York but the studio shut down production due to the films subject matter.
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