Could Zack Snyder Ever Direct A Star Wars Movie?

Batman v Superman and Justice League director opened up about joining a Galaxy far, far away.

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Watchmen and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has admitted his passion for the Star Wars universe and opened up about potentially helming a future movie set in a Galaxy far far away.

Here's what he said in a recent interview with The Film Junkee (via CBM):

"I'm a huge Star Wars fan. The reason why I started making movies when I was 11 years old was because of Star Wars. For sure it has been a huge influence on me and really got me into this mythic path with the Joseph Campbellian take on archetypes and storytelling. Yeah, Star Wars is that to me. I have interest in Star Wars".

Snyder then added:

"I don't think I have a story written now that...I don't know how I'd fit into the Star Wars universe anymore. I don't know what it is. So it's a thing I love, but I don't know if i....maybe it's moved on from me. I still love it and I have lightsabers everywhere around the house".

In 2013, two years before the release of The Force Awakens, there were some rumors that Lucasfilm was eyeing Snyder for a Star Wars movie inspired by Seven Samurai (1954), but the project never became a reality. Could they call him back in the near future?

After the sequel trilogy and the Han Solo movie's mixed response, Lucasfilm and Disney have yet to announce a clear pathway for the cinematic future of the franchise. We do know Taika Waititi will direct a stand-alone movie but how the saga shapes up is still unclear.


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