Crank sequel is confirmed

crank-poster2.jpgI've just added Crank to my DVD rental queue (which you can see in the new DVD blog by clicking here) as it's one of the few movies from last year that I still haven't got round to seeing. The movie which was pretty much a rip-off from the movie Speed, saw Jason Statham as a hitman who had been poisoned leaving him only with an hour to live but he finds out he can slow the poison by keeping his heart rate over a certain level. The movie was pretty well received by critics and took in $43.4 million on a budget of just $12 million so although the film wasn't a huge hit, Crank made more than enough money to warrant a sequel. Speaking to The Movie Blog, Crank co-writers Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine said this...
"There will be a sequel to Crank yes. Prepare to Crank again," Taylor told the site. "And you know the 'is it a sequel or prequel' question... IT'S A SEQUEL. We're not selling out and going prequel. We are picking up where the last movie left off."
Now I haven't seen the original and if I'm wrong then don't correct me in the comments section without highlighting the spoiler tag, but surely for a sequel he must have to get poisoned again... which would pretty much ensure we get exactly the same movie again right?

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