Crewing up the Justice League

George Miller throws another shrimp on his Justice League barbie by hiring a well known Production Designer.

George Miller has brought Owen Paterson onboard as Production Designer on Justice League. Paterson recently finished work on TheWachowski€™s Speed Racer in Berlin and is now working in Sydney on Justice League. He also PD€™d on the Matrix trilogy and V For Vendetta. Intriguingly, Paterson worked extensively on the aborted McG/JJ Abrams Superman project so he€™s already had a brush with DC superheroes. Though I love the work of Anton Furst €“ and to a lesser extent Nathan Crowley €“ on Batman, and John Barry€™s elegant design on the original Superman, I€™m hoping Paterson ignores all of that and puts his own visual stamp on this film€ the Fortress of Solitude doesn€™t always have to be made from crystals, y€™know! We€™ll keep you posted on any further crew additions that come our way.

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