Tom Cruise giving LES GROSSMAN his own movie?

Tropic Thunder was, I felt, a huge disappointment, heft onto the shoulders of one fantastic performance by Robert Downey Jr. Others enjoyed the film and a big talking point around the time was the cameo by a Mr. Tom Cruise, who donned fat suit, beard and bald wig (basically the Joel Silver ensemble) and shouted f-bombs at various characters. There were wonderings from the off whether this character had legs, and now the Cruiser has confirmed via E Online whilst backstage at the MTV Movie Awards that there is indeed a Grossman movie in development.
"We're working on it. Yup, we're working on it."
Was the exciting confirmation, but considering the Grossman joke stretches oh so thin about thirty seconds into the dance sequence he shared with Jennifer Lopez how would this translate to a ninety minute movie?

Spin-offs are a curious thing in the Hollywood world with so many characters rumoured to be getting their own vehicles; post-Die Another Day Halle Berry was gearing up for a totally unnecessaryJinx movie and wound up starring in the vile Catwoman spin-off instead; the long rumoured 'Magneto' spin-off has a (correct at time of going to press) 2012 release date but projects like 'First Class' and a 'Wolverine' sequel seem higher priorities for the franchise. Meanwhile one of recent memories more peculiar spin-offs - and perhaps one closer in tone to what a 'Grossman' movie may feel like - 'Get Him To The Greek' opened in America last weekend, taking Russell Brand's 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' rock star Aldous Snow and granting him his own movie. What are your feelings? Was 'Tropic Thunder' a comedic masterpiece with Grossman crying out for his own movie? Has there ever been a really good spin-off movie?


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