Cyclops phases Sean William Scott out of THE BOX

James Marsden replaces Seann William Scott in Richard Kelly's horror movie.

Superman Returns actor (Frank Langella is also said to be on board) to enter final talks for Richard Kelly's third movie, The Box. Interestingly it seems he has replaced Kelly's Southland Tales star Seann William Scott who had previously said the husband role to Cameron Diaz, one half of the bickering couple who stumble across this mysterious box, was his. Said box, spurts out money for the couple each time the button is pushed but the down side is, everytime they use the box.. a stranger somewhere dies. The $30 million movie that's being financed by Media Rights Capital is a film that Kelly so desperately needs to be a hit and with the addition of Marsden over Scott, it might be a little more accessible for those folks who just wouldn't see a Seann William Scott movie. Sadly I thought Scott & Diaz would have bizarrely had some great chemistry, at least more than Marsden and Diaz will have (Marsden always has a role like this... and he never clicks with any actress) but nevermind... I'm still really looking forward to this. source - the hollywood reporter

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