dwar20612071.jpgWhen I posted the poster for the Korean movie D-War yesterday, I did wonder to myself whether the film could ever live up the high expectations such artwork promises.

Well thanks to Ray and our friends over at The Rec, we now have some actual footage from the film in the form of a trailer, and holy shit. This looks great. I say it every year. There is always three or four trailers that you see for movies coming out of Asia that just totally blow you away. Last year we had The Curse of the Golden Flower and The Host, this year we have the Sukiyaki Western Django and now this monster movie D-War. The trailer below is a little strange and although it's stunning, there are a few moments that feel a little clunky. Especially in some of the army moments in the tank near the end which feel like they have been shot without much passion but every moment that damn monster is on screen, I just want to run for cover. I've recently bought myself a new 32" T.V. which is coming on Friday and I'm going to plug my pc into it so I can watch trailers such as these on a bigger H-D screen. The first thing I'm going to do is watch this trailer (hopefully it will end up on H-D quicktime!), that monster is incredible... D-War Trailer - video powered by Metacafe
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