D23 - New Black Widow Footage Reveals Nat's WHITE Costume

Comics accurate Red Guardian costume also revealed...

Black Widow White Costume
Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios' part in the D23 Disney movie panel was actually a little less expansive than we might have expected, given how much was revealed at Comic Con, but there was a lot of interesting information revealed and some footage teased to those in attendance.

With Black Widow the next Marvel movie to be released, it should be no surprise that the solo spin-off was in attendance and fans got to see some footage. Mostly, it appears to have been the same footage shown at Comic Con, but there were a few exceptions and it's valuable to relate what was shown anyway.

The teaser footage didn't reveal a great deal, but it's designed more to be a sizzle reel than anything else so that's no real surprise either. What is a surprise is the reveal of a brand new white costume for Natasha - which she wore in Deadly Origin - shown in a scene in which she fights Taskmaster, who is in full costume with a mask, hiding her identity. It's still definitely Rachel Weisz.

There was also a new scene focused on Scarlett Johansson and co-star Florence Pugh, who plays Yelena and the majority of the scene is a well choreographed fight scene - with shades of Atomic Blonde - between the two, culminating in the reveal that Pugh is actually Black Widow's "sister" and she's merely welcoming her home. Talk about rough-housing. Whether that's a real sister or that's how the girls who were conditioned in the Red Room grew up to call themselves remains to be seen.

The footage also revealed Johansson's Natasha Romanoff running through a forest and on a motorbike in Budapest, plus David Harbour's villain, Red Guardian - who is basically the Russian Captain America - in his full costume, which looks as it does in the comics. He reportedly joins the "sisters" and looks out of sorts, telling the others that they are "family, back together again." Could it be that Widow, Yelena and Red Guardian join forces to take on Taskmaster and bring down the Red Room rather than everyone other than Natasha being bad guys? It's an intriguing thought.

There was also a gag in there showing Yelena asking Natasha why she always does “the pose” - the crouch she does in the middle of fights, which Natasha then denies as her "sis" calls her “a poser.”

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