Daily Vid: Last chance for SPEED RACER to win your money

First 7 minutes of the Wachowski's first film since The Matrix trilogy hits the web!

Ok, so I didn't really wanna do this as a Daily Vid but it's nearly 1am here in the U.K. and I'm dead on my feet. Really need some sleep (I have to leave the house at 7.30am... AND have time to update tomorrow's posts) so I don't have time to search for something better... and I was going to post this anyway. You forgive me right?

So here it is... Speed Racer is upon us. This is the last chance for Warner Bros. to impress us and win our cash for what some have been speculating for the last week will be a big flop. I agree it's a tough sell.. See the tracks wider HERE. Looks like the product of too many late night drunken ideas from all those involved. Have they seriously made a film that looks like a fisher price advert? You can see Speed Racer from Friday worldwide. DAILY VID - A brand new feature where we showcase one video I have found cool, humorous, insightful, interesting or all of the above! If you have any suggestions for the feature then e-mail us directly at editor @ obsessedwithfilm.com (remove the spaces).source - coming soon
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