Daniel Radcliffe Wields Axe For THE WOMAN IN BLACK

In his second big-screen outing away from the looming shadow of the Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe cuts a rather more masculine frame in this new still from the upcoming The Woman In Black than maybe us muggles are used to. Sporting a 5 o'clock shadow and kitted out in a waistcoat and tie, this could finally be the role that helps Radcliffe escape the inevitable comparisons between himself and the boy wizard. Then again, the media said exactly the same thing about December Boys, and about fourteen people went to the cinema to see that. Ten of them were Radcliffe's family and I think Radcliffe went twice. Nonetheless, The Woman In Black is a wholly interesting tale that follows young solicitor Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) as he 'travels to rural England in order to deal with a recently deceased client's paperwork, only to discover the vengeful ghost of a woman awaiting him'. The Hammer film, which is an adaptation of the successful Susan Hill novel and stage thriller of the same name, is being directed by James Watkin (Eden Lake) with the screenplay devised by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass), and is to be released in October. Speaking of his role in the film, Radcliffe said that he was 'incredibly excited' to be a part of it, due to Goldman's 'beautifully written script' that is 'both tender and terrifying in equal measure'. Sounds cool to us.

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