Danny Boyle May Put Colin Firth & Scarlett Johansson in a TRANCE

Oscar winning The King's Speech star & Lost in Translation actress could join lead James McAvoy in 28 Days Later helmer's forthcoming heist thriller.

Danny Boyle may be busy orchestrating one grand scaled dance sequence involving multiple double-decker buses, whilst at the same time attempting best he can to make the 2012 logo look a little less hideous, but's not getting in the way of his next film, as news comes that his next project Trance is slowly gathering a potential cast of gold winning actors. Colin Firth who mathematics suggest you will have seen in last year€™s award winning The Kings Speech is rumoured to be in talks, as well as the occasionally exceptional Scarlett Johansson (Lost In Translation, Vicky Cristina Barcelona) for undisclosed roles. The film itself; a heist thriller remake of a Brit t.v. film of the same named that aired in 2001, stars James McAvoy (the only confirmed cast member) as Simon, an art auction house assistant who finds himself caught up in a robbery with a group of your run of the mill criminals. All goes to plan, the loot stashed but then (cue the dramatic music) McAvoy gets a blow to the head which results in amnesia. With whereabouts of the loot becoming a mystery, the criminals cart him off to a hypnotist to seek out where their dirty money is. Sounds promising right? Firth will more than likely play the crime boss, replacing McAvoy's X-Men: First Class star Michael Fassbender, who apparently has scheduling issues, with Johansson slotted in as the hypnotist. Both Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) and Melanie Thierry (Babylon A.D. *shudder*) are also said to be fighting for the role of Elizabeth, the presumed hypnotist. Filming starts in September and then development breaks whilst Boyle sees to the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony before post-production picks up in late 2012 for an early 2013 release. Danny Boyle doesn€™t seem to be stopping, between 2010€™s hit 127 Hours, directing a stage adaptation of Frankenstein earlier this year and then bestowed with art directing the Olympics, he hasn€™t had time to breath. But with the director on top form, an intriguing narrative at his fingertips and possibly a gifted cast, this film looks set to further escalate him above many of his British peers.

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