Dare You Join Deadpool's Core?

No, that's not a spelling mistake.

Deadpool wants you! To join his "core". What does this mean, exactly? Basically, it means signing up to be part of his "inner sanctum", and being gifted everything a "core fan" would require to prepare for the impending release of the movie in February. Essentially, this is a newsletter that'll grant you exclusive content and "F-ing awesome" digital goodies. All I know is I've already signed up. Of course, there are requirements to signing up. Dudes and dudettes are being required to "check sack (or lady sack if you got one)", and only then head over to DeadpoolCore.com to sign up. So be sure to do that first. The concept of receiving e-mails decked out in Deadpool's inimitable style does sound rather entertaining. As for why they're spelling it 'core' and not 'corps', well, the answer is simple.

#DEADPOOLCORE? ISN€™T IT SPELLED DIFFERENTLY? Shhhhh! Deadpool wants no truck with fancy-cigar-smoking-pinstriped lawyers who wipe their boom-boom down with hundred dollar bills.
Fox have been at the top of their game with the viral marketing for Deadpool so far, from holiday-themed posters to all the fun they had at Comic-Con earlier this year. Of course, this Deadpool Core is all just a hilarious way of marketing a newsletter, but that's fine by me. I'm glad that they haven't let up with trying to draw in the biggest possible audience for a cult character who's little known outside of fandom. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up. After "checking your sack", of course. Deadpool is released 4th February 2016 in the UK and 16th February in the US.

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