Daredevil Returns To Marvel Studios: Here's How Film Reboot Could Work

30 Days of Night and Hard Candy director David Slade was attached to the Fox property, even claiming the Daredevil script was "amazing." But, alas, Slade fell through as he got more and more pressing work and the project seemed dead in the water, once again, after going through two to three more screenwriters. So, where does that leave us, now? Daredevil is a hot commodity at a studio bent on continually expanding their cinematic universe. But as many fans have stated, it would be difficult for Daredevil to fit into this Avengers universe (despite becoming one recently in the comic world). So, what should Marvel do? Take the property on its own two legs and work it within the confines of its own trilogy or universe? Use Daredevil as a character to open up to another, different, more realistic and gritty universe featuring the likes of The Punisher and Moon Knight? Here are some ideas for what Marvel Studios can do, who they can cast, and some good starting points for the Daredevil cinematic universe...

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