Marvel's Daredevil Trailer Breakdown: 35 Things You Need To See

Netflix's new show doesn't fear the memories of Affleck.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have been their first foray into television, but the small screen outing from Mavel Studios everyone's really been looking forward to is Daredevil. The first of four shows produced in partnership with Netflix (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will arrive over the next couple of years), the series marks the first live-action take on the character since the Ben Affleck-starring atrocity and, if it's a success, could herald in a whole new way to bring superheroes to life. The Man Without Fear has been a Marvel staple ever since his introduction in 1964, with blind Matt Murdock keeping Hell's Kitchen safe with his enhanced perception. Compared to the more cosmically-minded Avengers, Daredevil (like the other Netflix characters, who will eventually team-up as The Defenders) is a more low-level crime-fighter, promising some grittier adventures. The thirteen episodes of Season 1 will hit Netflix on 10th April, but ahead of that they've just released a brand-new trailer, showing the world it's first extended look at the new Man Without Fear. And it's shaping up to be something good. Let's take a deeper look into the trailer, highlighting the things that hint at the plot, tease big events, or you otherwise need to see.

35. A View Of The Big City

The four Netflix series are going to be much more down-and-dirty than Marvel's cinematic arm, and this opening shot really exemplifies that. Shot from across the river, Manhattan (and thus the home of The Avengers) is a distant concern as two men meet in secret. Who they are isn't clear, but neither's our hero (no stick), meaning the pair are probably up to no good.

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