Darth Maul is Snake Eyes in G.I. JOE!!!

Another Brit has joined the cast of G.I. JOE and I have a feeling that this one will go down a lot smoother with fans than the casting of Sienna Miller as Baroness. Slash Film have heard that Ray Park, a.k.a Toad from X-MEN, the Headless Horseman (when he has no head anyway) in SLEEPY HOLLOW and frikkin' DARTH MAUL in STAR WARS will play the mysterious martial arts expert Snake Eyes. I know absolutely nothing about JOE, but I love this casting.



Park is someone that puts his whole body and soul into every performance, one of the best physical actors we have today who is severely under-rated. There's a place for Park in movies and thank God Sommers has brought him out from the depths of the Hollywood food chain. Here is Park's greatest moment on film. No training necessary for the physical parts of this role...

From what I can gather, Snake Eyes is the big fan favourite of G.I. JOE... kinda like how Sub Zero was in MORTAL KOMBAT so this is pretty huge casting. Enlighten me further guys, is Park good or bad casting? With Miller, Park and possibly Sam Worthington on board for this Paramount movie from the director of THE MUMMY and VAN HELSING... isn't this just shaping up far better than JLA?
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