David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis Full Length Trailer Confirms Cannes 2012 Selection

The full length trailer for Cannes bound thriller has been released and it looks to be Cronenberg's craziest in years!

The full list of films that are due to play at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival will be announced very shortly but an early reveal came this morning with the news that David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' will debut on the South of France. The full length trailer for the film has been released and it looks to be Cronenberg's craziest in years! A typically wacky art house release awaits the Crosiette and a refreshingly non-Twilight showcase for star Robert Pattinson. An adaptation of Don DeLillo€™s 2003 novel 'Cosmopolis', the film follows a 28 year old billionaire fund manager who rides a limo on his way to get a haircut, but his journey becomes long when the car hits numerous traffic jams, a funeral cortege, sex, drugs, hallucinations, riots and anything Cronenberg's mind can come up with. This is a million miles away from the director's 2011 drama 'A Dangerous Method' and is way closer to the psychological and sexual themes that were present in his 80's and 90's work. Watch the trailer for yourself below; 'Cosmopolis' hits theaters May 23rd in France but probably won't find release in the UK or US until September. Pattinson is joined by a whole cast of supporting actors who look to be having loads of fun; Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Kevin Durand, Sarah Gadon and Jay Baruchel!
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