David Koepp Adapting Sci-Fi Thriller The Themis Files For Sony

Jurassic Park screenwriter bringing Sylvain Neuvel's global conspiracy thriller novel to the big screen.

Themis Files I've not read Sylvain Neuvel's The Themis Files so I had to look it up. According to Neuvel's own website, it's a global conspiracy thriller about what happens when we start to find a giant humanoid something buried beneath the Earth. My best guess is that this giant thing - a robot, a creature - was dismembered and buried in pieces for safety's sake. Whether that's for the safety of us humans or for the good of the aliens remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this all end in an action face-off between a humongous robot and hordes of flying saucers. Or, maybe my imagination is a lot more B-movie influenced than that of original novelist Neuvel. Sony have put a film based on the book into development and given the job of writing the screenplay to Spider-Man and Jurassic Park's David Koepp. Matt Tolmach, who was in charge of the Amazing Spider-Man series until that evaporated will be one of the producers. The lead of The Themis Files is a female scientist working as a physicist at the University of Chicago. It's bound to be a hotly sought after role if the project goes ahead though, like every other female scientist part in all of Hollywood, I expect they'll go to Jessica Chastain first. source - deadline
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