David Koepp Brought Back On Board MEN IN BLACK 3 For Yet More Re-Writes

Men In Black 3. Despite director Barry Sonnenfeld having already cried 'action' on the movie some months ago - David Koepp, a screenwriter who wrote a long-ago existing draft, has been invited back in a panic to get the script into a workable shape for shooting beginning March 28th. Here's a quick re-cap of the events so far on Men in Black 3. I don't know about you but they sound more interesting to me than what the film is likely to turn out to be. Tropic Thunder's Etan Cohen wrote the original shooting draft but clearly not totally satisfied with what they had, veteran Spielberg regular David Koepp (Jurassic Park) was brought in to polish it up as they shot the first half of the movie, which involves the present day Agent J (Will Smith) & K (Tommy Lee Jones). You see the new Men in Black movie involves time travel and the idea was to shoot the present day stuff, before production shutting down for a few months (this was factored into the shooting schedule for reasons such as weather & tax breaks) before then returning to shoot the 1969-set stuff which involves Will Smith's Agent J teaming up with a younger Agent K played by Josh Brolin* to once again save the world. This also how Alice Eve and Emma Thompson can both play the same character of the Olivia, MIB's secretary. But before that shooting took place, the scheduled break was prolonged further as, still not happy with their drafts, further rewrites were commissioned this time by Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can), leading to comments made by Tommy Lee Jones a few weeks back that even he doesn't know what the film he's in is about! Which now leads us to this latest David Koepp re-write, three weeks before filming re-commences. It goes without saying - the omens really couldn't be worse on this one and it only seems a matter of time before the talk of re-shoots starts to surface. Yet, despite all the to-ing and fro-ing, Sony insist that Men in Black 3 will still manage to limp it's way theatres on time for it's May 25th 2012 debut. *Just how old is Tommy Lee Jones' character K supposed to be Anyway? Brolin, although not old, is no spring chicken!

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