David Oyelowo Joins Tom Cruise's ONE SHOT!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes actor will play a homicide detective in Christopher McQuarrie's controversially cast adaptation of Lee Child's popular literary character Jack Reacher.

British character actor David Oyelowo's screen presence is just about second to none and he routinely steals every scene from his better known peers when he floats in and out of movies for his cameo roles. Think his performance as Dr. Junju in The Last King of Scotland or more recently his rather awesome turn in Rise of the Planet of the Apes where he played the head of the science division responsible for the apes uprising! He is an actor we very much like here at WhatCulture! and we are delighted that at 35 years of age he is starting to get more regular film roles in frequently interesting projects. Variety reports that Oyelowo has entered talks with Paramount for a role in One Shot, writer/director Chris McQuarrie's (Way of the Gun) adaptation of Lee Child's popular literary character that controversially casts (though in everything but his height and build he is perfect for it) movie star Tom Cruise as the burly 6€™5€ and 250 pounds super killing machine Jack Reacher. One Shot thrusts the ex-military cop turned nomad drifted Reacher into the case of a military sniper who is accused of committing five murders and as our lead delves deeper into the investigation, he finds corruption and cover-ups are at every corner. Oyelowo will play a homicide detective in charge of investigating the killings and joins the previously cast Rosamund Pike who is Helen Rodin, a defence attorney who defends the man accused of the killings and who works with Reacher to bring the real culprits to justice. It'll no doubt be a small screentime role but Oyelowo will make himself and his character unforgettable in it and very soon a director is going to pluck him out for a leading role. Indeed Les Daniels wanted him to play Martin Luther King Jr. in his biopic of the iconic civil rights activist titled Selma before that project stalled which was a crying shame but we can't imagine it'll be long until another top billing role like that comes his way. One Shot should begin filming in the next few weeks. Paramount have set a February 8, 2013 release date.
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