Duncan Jones To Meet Fox Over THE WOLVERINE

Updated: Source Code & Moon helmer Duncan Jones has revealed that he will meet Fox over the directing gig on The Wolverine, but seems fairly certain he'll turn the offer down in favour of doing his own material. I just wonder though if Fox can sway him and make him change his mind? One thing if I was Fox would be to say to Jones... if you make Wolverine 2 and it becomes a $200 million U.S. domestic hit... just imagine what power and freedom that would bring you to tell your own stories further down the road. ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOLLOWS.... In the same Deadline article detailing the offer that's out to Hugh Jackman for Snow White and The Huntsman, Mike Fleming reports that 20th Century Fox are stepping up their efforts to find a new director for The Wolverine. Two names are cited and neither are surprising; David Slade, who had the job of The Wolverine before Darren Aronofsky became available and Source Code helmer Duncan Jones, who turned down the Superman: Man of Steel gig and regularly turns up on these studio wishlists. It's worth reminding ourselves that they are just two early names in consideration and we imagine they won't be the last over the coming weeks, but I would keep an eye on Slade. He is clearly well thought of at Fox and just a day before Aronofsky announced he wasn't going to direct The Wolverine, he was unveiled as the director of a new reboot of Daredevil. I would imagine with a star already in place (Jackman) and what is supposedly a stunning screenplay from Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), Fox might push Slade over to Wolverine instead, clearly the bigger project of the two, and I'm sure he would oblige. Though if Jackman signs on to Snow White and The Huntsman that films in September, then The Wolverine won't be a go project until next year.
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