David Tennant Rom-Com The Decoy Bride Leaks Online Early?

Romantic dramedy which also stars Alice Eve and Kelly Macdonald hits cinemas on March 9th but has already leaked online.

WhatCulture.com reader 'BobCat4Life' alerts us with news that a high quality dvdrip of David Tennant's forthcoming rom-com/dramedy The Decoy Bride has leaked online early, a month before it's theatrical release. The film stars Alice Eve as a world famous Hollywood actress who is about to get married to a writer (David Tennant) on a remote Scottish Island when she hires a local girl (Kelly Macdonald) to be her decoy bride to put the paparazzi off the scent so she can actually marry him in peace. Of course because you have seen a romantic comedy before you will know the moment Tennant & Macdonald's characters start connecting, you wonder if they are the two who are supposed to be together. The trailer for the movie is below; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRPKhpTQZkU The Decoy Bride was directed by Brit TV helmer Shere Folkson and has little buzz to date but according to IMDB it will be getting a theartical run on March 9th in the UK, in just over a month's time before hitting DVD a week later. So the distributors will be particularly pissed that a high quality bootlegged dvd copy has made its way online already.
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