Cannes Day 2 – Where’s Johnny?

We have a workable Internet connection, at last!!

12pm, Day two at the Overlook Hotel - and I can't tell you how relieved I am that I didn't wake to REDRUM written in bright red letters on the wall, or a naked old granny walking out of the bathroom tub.

The never ending corridors of the Overlook Hotel.Barely lit, intimidating and seemingly a pathway to another dimension. Still, I'm making a conscious effort to avoid the communal bathroom downstairs incase I run into Jeeves the waiter, who would no doubt inform me that 'I've always been the caretaker', or whatever. I'm just not risking the axe-wielding murdering rampage that might come of it. The scorching heat of the sun has improved my mood of yesterday, as has the now lightning fast internet connection in the hotel lobby. Was last night's problems an unfortunate one off? We can but pray. Only one movie on today's agenda and that's the South Korean sexual thriller 'The Housemaid' at 4.30pm.
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