DCEU: Ranking Every Big Fight Scene From Worst To Best

Distinguished brawls from the Distinguished Competition.

Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) had its (very severe) growing pains in its early years due to the franchise's lack of a properly thought out plan akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's master plan for its own roster of heroes. However, in recent years, the DCEU found its stride with its latter batch of movies closely aping Marvel's formula with a few twists here and there. Films such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman were critical and commercial hits that went toe-to-toe next to the MCU's own successes.

That said, the DCEU did have its positives from the very beginning. From mostly capable performances to inspired musical scores, the franchise has had its shares of standout moments, chief among them its action sequences.

Although the action sequences are sometimes coated in drab visuals, they feature strong choreography, creative framing and are an excellent showcase of the heroes and villains' powers, skills and equipment's true potential. Heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman got to display their godlike might and others such as Batman and Black Canary showed off their skill and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.

This list will rank the standout action set-piece from each DCEU movie from worst to best. it will be a mix of boss battles and mid-movie skirmishes that perfectly capture each movie's style of action.


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