De Niro and Scorsese finally set to team together again!

robert_de_niro_scorsese.jpgOne of the most famous partnerships in cinema history is the bond between Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. At this time, they have done 8 movies together which include the classics Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Mean Streets. There last team-up was in 1995 with Casino and ever since then Scorsese has gone with other actors for his films, even finding himself a new muse in Leonardo DiCaprio. Now comes word that Robert De Niro is pushing to make two more movies with Scorsese so they can round off their partnership with ten movies, the first of which is likely to be The Winter of Frankie Machine which we last spoke about in September. The film comes under Scorsese's exclusive deal with Paramount which has seen him now line up seven movies to potentially direct.
€œThe project is about a mob hitman who gave up the game for a quiet life as the proprietor of a bait shop. When the son of a mob boss asks for his backup to help resolve a dispute with another Mafioso, he agrees, only to find he€™s been set up for a hit€.
The news comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily through Rope of Silicon who claim that one of the trades will make the official announcement soon. Can't help but feel the project is a little beneath Scorsese right now but The Departed showed he could just go out and make a good old fashioned and exciting genre movie, so if he's wanting to work on a fun project again then this sounds as good as any.
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