Deadpool: 12 Names On The Dead Pool Board You Probably Missed

Who's your bet on?

There are an overwhelming number of easter eggs in Deadpool. Like, "over 100" overwhelming. In fact, Ryan Reynolds' R-rated game-changer may have the most hidden in-jokes and references of any superhero movie ever - there's everything in here, from repeated jabs at Hugh Jackman, send ups of the previous desecration of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and some of the most obscure comic winks going. And, of course, there's Stan Lee, who turns up to be a bit of a perv. By far the most intriguing is the Dead Pool chalkboard from which the anti-hero takes his name - it's absolutely full of names that range from celebrities to comic book creators to even the actors involved the scene. It'll take multiple viewings of the movie to see all the gags in this blink-and-you'll-miss it moment, so to save you the time (not that you wouldn't want to go see Deadpool one more time), here are the twelve funniest, coolest or most intriguing.

12. Bill Cosby

Depending on when this was added to the movie, this is either an accidentally awkward or purposely outrageous inclusion - the top name on the board is Bill Cosby, who's got a relatively slight bet of $50 on him.

11. Charlie Sheen

Considering he's essentially a real-life version of Deadpool - surely someone would only be this crazy if they knew their entire reality was a fabrication - putting a bet on Charlie Sheen in the Dead Pool may be a foolhardy decision. But that's exactly what someone's done.
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