Deadpool 2: 10 Things That Make No Sense

That's just lazy writing.

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Deadpool operates in a unique corner of the X-Men universe so far removed from reality that characters can exist in comic books but still tear you clean in half. Nothing really makes sense in the Merc with a Mouth's world, but it's easy to let that slide when Wade Wilson acknowledges the inconsistencies with a fourth-wall smashing quip.

The recent sequel, Deadpool 2, lived up to the hype and then some, but that doesn't mean everything about the movie worked. Even in a film as tongue-in-cheek as this, there are plotholes that no amount of dialogue about "lazy writing" can fix.

The film's emotional core makes these issues harder to ignore. It doesn't always play for laughs as Wilson experiences loss, discovers the true meaning of a certain F word, and proves he's the hero the world needs during the course of the story.

There are times when Deadpool 2 wants you to take it seriously and buy into the messages it conveys. These moments make it difficult to turn a blind eye to the stuff that makes no sense whatsoever, even in the merc's madcap reality.

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