Deadpool 2: 102 Easter Eggs, Gags & References Explained

99. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
Warner Bros.

In the montage showing what Deadpool's been up to since the last movie, we see him interrupt a mobster funeral, opening the casket with a flamboyant "do NOT go in there" - just as jim Carrey's Ace Ventura does after he's attacked by a shark in a secret room he accesses via the bathroom in his first movie.

98. Deadpool's Daddy Issues

Thomas Wilson Deadpool
Marvel Comics

Deadpool talks about his issues with his father, and that's definitely something that's been explored in the comics as a fairly constant part of his backstory. Even when he's had his memory wiped a lot, he still has problems with Thomas Wilson.

He's been abandoned by him and abused by him in different origins as well as being estranged from his son and being murdered by him thanks to the brainwashing of the Weapons Plus programme. So, basically, it's no surprise their relationship is painted poorly in the film.

97. Tony Robbins' Cameo

Tony Robbins Shallow Hal
20th Century Fox

When we first meet cab driver Dopinder again, he's listening to a self-help CD in his car with the voice of celebrity self-help guru Tony Robbins (who appeared on Shallow Hal, quite notably).


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