Deadpool 2: Pierce Brosnan Calls Cable Rumours Fabricated BS

You post ONE little picture on the Internet...

Pierce Brosnan Bond
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If you're holding out hope for the day when a former James Bond turns up in a comic book movie, you're going to have to wait longer than the time it takes for Deadpool 2 to come to screens.

Apparently, no matter how many people wanted it to be true, Pierce Brosnan says the rumour that he is up for Cable is absolutely untrue. it is BS of the highest order. And he can even tell you where it came from.\

The former 007 actor turned up on Jimmy Kimmel last to say the rumours - which were borne out of a picture of him with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and then a follow up report by Jeff Sneider - are “not true. Nothing’s come my way yet". Interesting use of the word "yet" there:

“We were sitting, waiting for a plane, the three of us, and the guy said, ‘Quick, let’s get a photograph,’ and [I] jump in the middle and Mr. Reynolds said, ‘Let’s do Three Wise Monkeys.’ [We] put it out there and it went viral. I don’t lie. They know where to find me, it’s just fabricated.

Evidently, he'd be keen though, which is a nice revelation.

All of this rumour-mongering is actually doing Fox's job for them: they don't need to reveal Cable or even spend any marketing money previewing his involvement yet, because all of the Brosnan, Pitt, Shannon rumours are driving interest anyway. The caveat, obviously, is if they cast a nobody, they're going to disappoint a lot of people.


Still, it is a pity Dolph Lundgren doesn't seem to be in the running...


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