Deadpool 2 Teaser: Secret Logan Trailer Lands Online

Butts, Superman and Stan Lee...


Just when you thought you'd have to go and put yourself through the torturous, harrowing experience that is Logan in the cinema (seriously though, it's phenomenal, go and see it immediately) to get to see the new Deadpool 2 teaser, Ryan Reynolds has only gone and uploaded it.

The Easter Egg heavy tease is three minutes of Deadpool in all of his outrageous glory, riffing on comic book movies in general, Superman in specific and adding a Stan Lee cameo for extra fan-bait.

Oh, and that Firefly nod? Way to explode the fanbase's anticipation for something linked to the iconic show there, Fox...

The teaser was added to the US release of Logan's a gift to fans (though it initially sparked rumours he was set for a cameo in the film), but Fox have done the right thing for the sequel's hype by releasing it online straight away.

It's everything you'd want from a Deadpool 2 teaser, confirming Nathan Summers is still coming and that 'Pool has lost nothing of the outrageousness that made the first movie so great. And you can't beat a healthy slice of Ryan Reynolds nudity either.

Here's to Deadpool 2 being 2018's coolest movie already.

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