Deadpool 2: Thanos Actor Josh Brolin Signs On For FOUR Movies As Cable

X-Force movie confirmed?

Josh Brolin Cable

Despite the apparent unwritten rule that you're not allowed to play two characters in the "same" movie universe (despite the fact that that is entirely wrong), Josh Brolin - he of Thanos fame in the MCU - has signed on to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

After months of speculation taking in several actors - Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon and Pierce Brosnan among them - the Avengers: Infinity War and Goonies star has officially been hired on a four picture deal.

There may be some fans who complain about him playing two Marvel characters, but it should be counted as a win that an actor of his ability is the one getting the job. Everything else is a triviality - particularly as his role as Thanos is mostly motion capture and he's largely unrecognisable.


This will be the fourth comic book character Brolin performs after his roles in the MCU, Men In Black and the God-awful Jonah Hex. Let's hope it's more like the former two than the latter.

Ryan Reynolds responded to the apparent fanboy ire in his typical no-f*cks-given manner on Twitter...


So, let's predict the movies he's signed on for, then...


Deadpool 2 is confirmed already, so that's a given. And then there's the inevitable X-Force cross-over that's been talked about. But it's the other two that are most interesting: could we see him in another mainline X-Men movie (please let them do an Uncanny X-Men title?) Might he show up in New Mutants as he did in the comics? Or are they just hedging their bets on sequels to both of those properties?

And then there's the fact that Deadpool 3 is hanging around casually at the bottom of Ryan Reynolds' IMDB listing, for some reason...

Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds

If it's not called Cable And Deadpool - provided his performance goes down well in 'Pool 2, of course - I will be very shocked.

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