Deadpool Trailer 2 Breakdown: 40 Things You Need To See

Crotch-shots, f-bombs and lashings of festive promise.

As the Merc with a mouth and sidekick Weasel promised, the second Deadpool trailer landed on Christmas day with all the festive spirit of punching your grandma in the face with a hand full of dildos. The trailer was revealed on ESPN as a gift to all NBA fans (apparently a key demographic for Fox's outrageous X-men cousin) and inevitably, it seems to have taken the raft of December trailers as a challenge. This is how you do high-octane, outrageous fun with lots of crotch shots, lots of blood and lots of swearing. At this point, it's shocking that he didn't drop a c-bomb. There's a lot of repetition in there, unlike most of the other December trailers, but there's more humour and more narrative - including a fairly major spoiler about why Deadpool comes into existence. But then that does seem to be the way, and teasing story overtly here isn't going to compromise on the appeal of seeing Ryan Reynolds saying naughty and snarky things and killing a lot. So what did we get to see?

40. The UK Only Opening Montage

For some reason, the UK version of the Red Band starts with a mini-montage of footage from the last trailer cut with new shots, including Wade rubbing his hands in preparation of some serious killing...
Quite why we're so lucky remains to be seen, but perhaps it's all just a big thank you for the Queen or something. And of course, there€™s a close-up of him doing his fly up. Because getting your genitals out in the midst of battle is the most natural thing.

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