Deadpool v Wolverine: 'Pool Creator Has Faith It'll Happen

"Things change..."

Deadpool Wolverine

Though Hugh Jackman has made it painfully clear that his Wolverine will not be appearing opposite Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool for the billion dollar crossover movie, Rob Liefeld says he has faith that he characters could yet meet on the big screen in the future.

Responding to JoBlo's public denouncement that Wolverine could ever appear in a movie with Deadpool, he took to Twitter to offer his thoughts...

And the times they already are a-changing. Hugh Jackman may be on his way out but there is absolutely no way Fox will trade in Wolvie's claws when they know he's one of their most bankable assets. It'd be like Warner Bros retiring Batman if Ben Affleck quit. Not going to happen.

There should be some hope that Fox will merely recast Wolverine and either bring him back in for the Dark Phoenix Saga movie or perhaps drop him into the just reaffirmed X-Force movie that Joe Carnahan is writing.

That'd be a hell of a way to reintroduce the character after a breather, and a great way to get both Deadpool and Wolverine on the same project.

A fanboy can dream.

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