Deadpool Vs Wolverine: Hugh Jackman Says No Way

Spoilsport rules out billion dollar movie idea...

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After a couple of years of teasing, led mostly by Ryan Reynolds since he got the Deadpool gig, fans have been encouraged to get pretty damn excited about the idea of a Wolverine/Deadpool cross-over movie. But it's all for naught, Wolvie fans: because Hugh Jackman is having none of it.

Despite the incredible reviews coming out of Logan's early showings, Jackman was always pretty clear that this would be his last outing as the character, and rumour has it, the end of Logan offers pretty firm closure on that. (Unless the post-credits tease changes things up drastically of course). But there was still hope. Well, wishful thinking at the very least.

But now Jackman has spoken to Fandango to confirm that he's not playing Wolverine any more. And definitely not in a Wolverine/Deadpool cross-over:

“I’m out... That’s probably bad timing, because I love Ryan Reynolds and I love Deadpool, but I knew I was out and I couldn’t have made this movie if I was questioning I was out. I was a pain in the ass for a lot of people with this movie, because it mattered so much to me. Even when we started writing this, and even when I asked James Mangold to come onboard, I said, ‘dude, I don’t know if I’m gonna’ make it.’ Unless it’s exactly what I want, I prefer to not do it. I couldn’t live with it. So this is it".

That stance seems to have bred a phenomenal movie (watch this space), but it would be wrong not to admit that the prospect of a team-up with Reynolds' Deadpool is the kind of billion dollar idea comic book fans pin a lot of hope to.

Maybe it'll happen with another Wolverine? There's no way the studio is going to just stop making Wolverine movies, and they have the freedom to only really semi-reboot with how twisted the timeline is, and with James Mangold and Jackman admitting that Logan is set in a different universe.

By the rules of multi-verse, we could even have another Wolverine - played by someone who would do the role, and Jackman's previous work - justice. Anyone got Tom Hardy's number?

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