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James Wan, the director of the original Saw movie, has been busy this year. He's already released the horror flick Dead Silence which made a rather disappointing $17.1 million worldwide for a production budget of $20 million. Although to be fair it has yet to open in the U.K. and is the type of film that will do well on DVD.The Malaysian born director's second movie of the year will be Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon as a father who seeks out revenge on a crime gang after his family is attacked. Kelly Preston, John Goodman and Aisha Tyler co-star in the movie that sounds and looks a lot like Charles Bronson's Death Wish series. I like the poster and Bacon is always great to watch. This could prove to be one of those enjoyable movies which just suddenly turns up in your local cinema. Look for this at the end of next month, with a trailer I'm guessing on it's way. source - worst previews
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