del Toro wants Doug Jones for his FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER!

If Guillermo del Toro ever gets to shoot the original early 90's draft of Frank Darabont'sFrankenstein (which was heavily reworked and changed by Kenneth Branagh in 1994) then he plans to cast his frequent collaborator Doug Jones for the monstrous role. It would appear that it's not only because he trusts Jones whole heartedly with his transformations into weird creatures or solely because he likes working with him but because the only vision of Frankenstein that del Toro has ever leeched onto is Berni Wrightson's tragic, lanky version of the character which would suit Jones down to the ground.

"I think he can do a fantastic job. Ron looks seven feet tall in Hellboy, but he's not. I think we could do that with Doug, but I would love to do it with him. The only vision of the Frankenstein monster I've ever latched onto is Berni Wrightson's. He's lanky and long and it's gorgeous in a tragic way. Doug has all of those qualities."
The 1983 released book of Wrightson's illustrated Frankenstein has been out of print for sometime but ironically and a complete coincidence in timing with del Toro's mention I assure you, a brand new hardcover edition of the popular book is due out in October. del Toro tells Shock Till You Drop that he hopes to continue developing Frankenstein in secret during the four years he is working on The Hobbit and that he wants the movie to be a different kind of fairytale version of the classic Mary Shelley novel. It's not his intentions to remake James Whale. He also mentions he knows who he wants a Victor Frankenstein but if he told us "we would know what he is up to!". Immediately I thought of... Doug Jones himself, then maybe a female, then Ron Perlman. MMM, thoughts?
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