Depp/Jolie's THE TOURIST could be Christmas release?

Consider the image of Johnny Depp above (found via The Playlist). Menacing, foreboding, protruding the eyes of a confident man; the eyes of the thesp who played John Dillinger. This is the Johnny Depp we admire, the one who is so often disguised by Tim Burton and taken away from us in a grotesque and ungainly manner. The above still is from The Tourist, the Hitchcock style sexy spy remake of the 2005 French movie Anthony Zimmer and after seeing this image, I'm relied and duly reminded that there is a Johnny Depp that exists without hours and hours of make-up. Deadline report that the film which pits Depp alongside Angelina Jolie (a few set pics here) possibly the two most lusted after actors on the planet, had to shut down filming yesterday in Venice because there were amazingly too many fans wanting autographs and taking photo's. This comes after Fox News reported that Depp's wife Vanessa Paradis begged and pleaded (of course she did, hmmm) with Depp to leave the project in fear of him being sucked in and seduced by the man-eater Jolie, as soon as she heard they were to share a passion love scene together. It's Mr. and Mrs. Smith all over again, right? The Tourist could be out by Christmas from Screen Gems, their biggest ever release, says Deadline. Florian von Donnersmarck directs his first movie since the extraordinary The Lives of Others. I'm in for this.

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