Destruction Goes City-Wide In New London Has Fallen Posters

Reminds you that it's the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.

The 2013 showdown between movies about a former soldier saving the President from terrorists in the White House was an unexpected, oddly hard fought one. Although the victor in terms of box office gross was Roland Emmerich's White House Down with $205.4 million, it did so on a $150 million budget, making Olympus Has Fallen's $161 million on half the upfront cost the real success. And so it is that London Has Fallen will arrive in October 2015, with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman all returning for some more explosive action under the eye of Swedish director Babak Najafi. The film sees President Asher and Mike Banning in London for the funeral of the Prime Minister, who died under mysterious circumstances that no doubt tie into the inevitable destruction. Two new posters for the film, giving a tease of the level of destruction that'll be levelled on the British capital, have just been released. They're not quite as impactful as the areal shot of Big Ben's clock-faces exploding outwards from the first poster, but the inclusion of the burning Union Jack floating in front of a damaged Big Ben and St. Paul's Cathedral respectively promises that the move to the UK will have some bearing on tone as well as just providing a new location. Are you looking forward to London Has Fallen? Have this posters got you on board any more? Share your thoughts on the sequel down in the comments.
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