Detective Pikachu: 7 Reasons To Be Excited

Could the first live action Pokémon be genuinely good?

Detective Pikachu
Warner Bros.

The trailer for Detective Pikachu just dropped, and fans are bursting at the seams with excitement. Going by the reception it’s receiving, cinemas might be bursting at the seams too when this hits screens next year.

For many kids, seeing Pokémon in the real world was the ultimate dream. Pokémon Go helped make that dream come true, but the movie is taking that concept and running with it.

Lead actor Justice Smith wasn’t in the trailer too much, suggesting either the Pokémon are the real stars or he’s just not that good (hopefully the former). Either way, they might just have not wanted to give away much of the plot, but this is hardly going to be Game Of Thrones level complexity.

Regardless, the short trailer was absolutely crammed with reasons to be excited and get fans counting down the days until it releases.

7. It Actually Looks Good

Detective Pikachu
Warner Bros.

This might sound like an obvious thing to include on a list of things to look forward to, but ever since rumours started swirling of a Detective Pikachu movie, naysayers have been out in force. However the recent trailer seems to have changed their minds, or at least shut them up for now.

The excitement amongst fans is palpable already, even if release is still months away. But this is the first movie to get a worldwide Warner Bros. release since Pokémon 3, and if you’re wondering just how many Pokémon movies there’ve been, the answer’s 19 - seriously.

A live action Pokémon really shouldn’t work, and yet it looks set to be a smash. Is it because of the popularity of Pokémon Go bringing the franchise to the masses? Is it because people who grew up with Pokémon have gone past the awkward teenager stage of hating things they loved as kids and are ready to catch ‘em all again? Whatever it is, Detective Pikachu looks set to defy expectations right from the off.


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